Robin Bartlett


The Origins of Memorial Day

On Memorial Day, we honor those that have fought for the American concept. Men and Women that have sacrificed so much in order to defend the ideals that have made

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Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans

Welcome Home

The phrase ‘thank you for your service’ started to be used in the late ‘90s. It became even more popular in recognition of the heroism on the part of firefighters,

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Firefights and Courage

John Wayne, who never served in the military but is revered by all branches of the service, may have said it best: Courage is being scared to death, but saddling

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Band of Brothers

The Cav patch…that big, beautiful yellow patch, the largest patch of all the Army’s units, was designed by Col and Mrs. Ben Dorsey when he first served with the 7th

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How and Why I Wrote This Book

I wrote this book after conversations with many Vietnam veteran officers and enlisted men. From these conversations I learned that I had experienced several events that they had not. Each

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