Robin Bartlett

 Reviews Continued

It is difficult for those comfortably ensconced while reading Bartlett’s tale to comprehend the wearing challenges he and his soldiers faced, day after day, in an environment where death or massive wounds were just around the next bend in the trail, or tangle of rainforest. Dedication, endurance, desperation; all are found in his saga, with time out for occasional humor.”

As an intelligence officer at MACV Headquarters, I had a strategic view of the war. Robin Bartlett’s superbly written book has brought me face-to-face with combat in Vietnam, a reality I only vaguely understood during my tour. Although this is the story of an infantry lieutenant’s experience, in many ways it is the story of every infantryman who served in that war. It is a story of emotions ranging from sheer terror to irony, guilt, and even levity: sometimes all of them in the space of a day.”

A bitter war. An interesting read. Vietnam Combat is the cathartic, detailed account of a young infantry lieutenant’s courageous, personal, combat experiences in an increasingly unpopular war. The war’s political mismanagement and disconcerting outcome left him embittered. Some fifty years later, he concludes his book’s final chapter still burdened by that war, ‘damaged’ and ‘unforgiving toward my military and political leaders.’ His journey began faithfully fighting in a war for duty, honor, and country. The war’s tragic end began his lifelong struggle with the aftermath of a war lost not on Vietnam’s battlefields, but in Washington, DC. Even so, he remains proud to be a former soldier, a ‘brother in arms’ with fellow veterans.”

This gritty, realistic account of training for, deploying to, and fighting in Vietnam will stick with you. All gave some; Robin and his soldiers gave far more than most.”

All in all, this is a great memoir by an officer in the Vietnam War and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in the war or the goings on within a combat infantry platoon. An engaging story from the very first page. Well written and exciting from beginning to end. Well done, Mr. Bartlett, welcome home!”

Having served as a U S Army Lieutenant in Vietnam during the same general time frame as Robin Bartlett, his book brought back a lot of memories. Not only is it an account of his horrific combat experiences during the Vietnam War, but also recalls many non-combat ‘battles’ he had to fight. The book holds the reader's attention throughout.”

Robin Bartlett’s book, Vietnam Combat, made me proud to have served this country with valor despite coming home with PTSD and exposed to Agent Orange. Sharing his experience in Vietnam is both nostalgic and therapeutic. It is not only historical, but it is important to all Americans that PATRIOTISM is still alive and well.”

I got a new perspective about being an officer of an infantry platoon. I specifically liked the section when he decided to walk point for the platoon…I would recommend this book for fellow Vietnam Veterans and for the general public.”

Of the five new platoon leaders introduced to the battalion commander to replace five who had been killed in action, Bartlett was the only one who survived his tour of duty. He writes about the fatigue, intense heat, rain, mud, death, blood, firefights, deprivation, sweat, heat stroke, dehydration, and despair that he and his men experienced during frequent four-to-six-week forays into the boonies. Some humorous events, including an exploding shit barrel and the misadventures of a hard-luck private, and some positive things, such as a Christmas party at a Catholic orphanage, lighten the book's tone.”

Vietnam Combat: Firefights and Writing History” is one of the most impactful and meaningful books I have ever read. Robin’s first-hand accounts of his dramatic and powerful experiences in Vietnam are, beyond a doubt, the most defining descriptions of what it was like “In Country” during this controversial war. His gift of language brings his experiences to life in a way that is unforgettable and memorable. I am so honored that I had a chance to talk to him about his journey. I can’t recommend this book enough and know it should be on “Best Seller’s Lists” worldwide… not only for those who want to learn more about the war in Vietnam but also anyone that wants to truly understand what dedication to your country and courage is all about.”

Your prose is well suited to your subject. That is, it doesn't call attention to itself. There is nothing to distract your reader from the plain facts, the experiences you have lived through and are still living through...Your book is the nearest I have come to having such an experience...So I have not walked your trail except in your book.”