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Introducing Robin Bartlett

Robin Bartlett takes you back 50 years to a ‘boots on the ground’ account of his extraordinary combat experiences as a 22-year-old 1st Lieutenant with the 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile). As a combat infantry platoon leader, he deployed a 32-man platoon on search and destroy missions and helicopter assaults into hot landing zones at the height of the Vietnam War.

Robin Bartlett, Author, Vietnam Combat, Firefights and Writing History
Robin Bartlett - My first worst day in Vietnam

Bartlett’s vivid combat events are brought to light in a fast-moving presentation expressing the horror, fear, anguish, and sometimes illogical humor of that war. He brings to light the long-term impact, both positive and negative, on his home life and business career…. with insights about leadership, courage, PTSD, and life lessons learned. These are stories that will stay with your listeners long past the end of his presentation.

Robin Bartlett wearing the official Cav Stetson


Robin gives keynote addresses, talks, and podcasts with photographs and illustrations for the following audiences:

  • Veteran recognition: Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Vietnam Veterans Day
  • Veteran Groups
  • Civic Groups
  • Military Families
  • Vietnam War & Military History Buffs
  • High School and College Courses
  • Libraries


  1. Personal perspectives and lessons learned from the Vietnam war after 50+ years from a ‘boots on the ground’ point of view.
  2. Leadership: what it means to be a “grunt” (infantryman) and the challenges of leading young men in combat.
  3. Firefights, fear, and courage: the experience of facing life and death situations and courage under fire.
  4. The Army’s Airmobile battle concept and making helicopter combat assaults with the 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile).
  5. Dealing with and surviving PTSD, Agent Orange, and adjustment to civilian life after combat.
  6. The aftermath of the Vietnam War: Demining Vietnam, Honor Flights, Gold Star Mothers, Sons & Daughters in Touch, and other humanitarian nonprofits.
  7. Why the words “Welcome Home” are such an important greeting for Vietnam Veterans and comparisons to other wars.

Podcasts & Speaking Engagements

The Best of the Best

2Tough2Fail. Robin talks about the challenges of  his Vietnam wartime service with host Tavi Fulkerson. (Podcast)

Echoes of the Vietnam War: Humping the Boonies, Robin talks about the realities of the Vietnam War with host Michael Croan. (Podcast)


Trauma Survivorhood. Robin talks with certified trauma recovery coach Sara Miley about dealing with the trauma of the Vietnam War and how others can understand the lasting impact of war. (Podcast)

June 7:  Rotary Club of Military Family Support on Helicopter Ops. Robin presented to the Satellite Rotary Club of Military Family Support, San Dimas, California. (Video Presentation)

Grit, Grace & Inspiration.  Host Kevin Lowe talks with Robin about the stark realities of war, and its difficult aftermath. (Podcast)

January 20 :  Presentation to Van Harlingen Historical Society at the Montgomery Public Library. (In-person)


Just Dumb Enough. Robin shares not only his extreme experiences in combat, but also the experience of returning from Vietnam to a world that wasn’t particularly welcoming. (Podcast)

Drive On. Host Scott DeLuzio, an army veteran who served in Afghanistan, talks with Robin about his experiences as a Combat Infantry Platoon Leader during the height of the war in Vietnam. (Podcast)

Just INside. In remembrance of Veterans Day, this episode features Robin talking about his time serving during the Vietnam war, his roles during his time there, the scariest parts of being in a war, and his recovery process. (Podcast)

I Never Knew But My Dog Did. Maureen Scanlon dedicated this podcast episode to Military Veterans and Active Duty Military Members. Robin spoke with her about his experience in Vietnam. (Podcast)

Curiousaholic. In honor of Veterans Day, Robin talks about the dangers of war and shares stories of his experience during the Vietnam War. (Podcast)

Naval Air Station Wildwood Presentation. Robin brings to light the long-term impact, both positive and negative, on his home life and business career – with insights about leadership, courage, PTSD, and life lessons learned. (Facebook)

Built Not Born. Host Joe Ciccarone  and Robin discuss Robin’s experience during the Vietnam War where he led a platoon on more the 60 helicopter combat assaults. (Podcast)

Fascinating People Fascinating Places. Robin talks with podcast host Dan Mainwaring about the tragedies and harrowing experiences of the Vietnam War.  (Podcast)

Couple O’ Nukes.  Host Mr. Whiskey sits down with Robin to discuss his Vietnam experience and his book.  (Podcast)

Riding Shot Gun with Charlie. A unique interview that you don’t want to miss. Host Charlie Cook talks with Robin about his experiences in Vietnam during the height of the war and, having survived that, his time at the 14th MHD where the motto was “You fight it. We write it.” (Podcast)

Multispective. Jennica Sadhwani talks with Robin about what it was like fighting in the Vietnam War. “Gain a deeper understanding of the dilemmas faced by those on the front lines and the conflicting emotions of duty, patriotism, and the harsh realities of combat.” (Podcast)

Let’s Think About It. Robin talks with host Mitzi about his personal experience in and point of view on the Vietnam War that really helps listeners think about Vietnam War Vets differently. (Podcast)

GunBlast. Boge Quinn reviews Robin’s book and the personal history of his service in Vietnam and after. (Podcast)

FuneMinds. Robin shares his combat experiences brought to life in a fast-moving presentation of horror, fear, anguish, and sometimes illogical humor. (Podcast)

I Am Refocused. Robin talks with host Shemaiah Reed about his experience as a 22-year-old combat infantry platoon leader during the height of the Vietnam War.(Podcast)

Wait til Formation. Robin talks about his Vietnam experiences on WTF Nation Radio. Starts at 58:20. Also available on Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch. (Podcast)

Host Jake Cornfield of A Few Minutes of History podcast talks with Robin about his book Vietnam Combat – Firefights and Writing History (Podcast)

Vietnam War: The Trail.  Robin talks with Batting the Breeze host Steve Winduss about his time in Vietnam – the good, the bad and the very ugly. (Podcast)

Be Careful What You Wish For. Robin talks with host Matt Jordan of about ambushes, humping the boonies, FNGs, and more. (Podcast)

March 4:  Presentation to NJ Mensa Snowball Conference “Leadership, Decision Making and Courage. (In-person)

Vietnam Combat 50 Years Later, Lean to the Left with Bob Gatty. (Podcast)

The Vietnam War and What You Won’t Learn in the History Books, Locker Room for Growth with Debbie Elicksen (Podcast)

Lessons Learned on Leadership, Decision Making and Courage From a Combat Infantry Platoon Leader in Vietnam, The Price of Business Digital Network – Thought Leader Series. (Audio)


November 11 – St. John’s University, Keynote Speaker, Veterans Day Celebration. (In-person)

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